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Office 365 HTML Attachment Mail Flow Rules

Apr 30, 2023

Office 365 will by default filter out emails that have attachments that are executables (exe, scr, ps1, cmd, etc.) as well as an unencrypted zip file that contains executables. Office 365 allows HTML files as attachments to email because these are considered to be potentially valid email from some vendors. Attackers will attach HTML files that contain malicious javascript and will try to mask the origin of the email and it's contents. If they can convince you to download the attachment and open it, this can cause you some serious problems. This article is a summary of how to create an Office 365 Exchange Mail Flow rule to add some warning to users.More...

Office 365 SPF Mail Flow Rules

Apr 30, 2023

The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) allows one to configure DNS entries to list valid sources of truth for Office 365 email. Attackers will often try to send email from outside a domain to recipients inside the domain by pretending they are another person within the company. Creating an SPF rule that flags messages from outside the company pretending to be inside the company alerts users. This article is a summary of how to create an Office 365 Exhcange Mail Flow rule to warn users of SPF invalid messages.More...