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Best Children’s Portrait Photographer

Oct 19, 2009

Andrea Joki is without a doubt the best child portrait photographer I’ve ever seen. She is located in Helsinki Finland, so you may have a way to travel to meet with her.  She does take occasional assignments in the United States and Australia.More...

11 Free Photo Editing Tools

Oct 16, 2009

The Guide To Art Schools has published a list of free photo editing software at The 11 Best Free Photo Editing ProgramsMore...

Nikon Lens Rentals

Mar 03, 2009

Before you spend nearly $2000 for a fantastic lens, you may want to rent it to see if it’s really worth it.  If you rent this for a week, you can rent this Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 for almost $10 / day. If you can’t afford to own all the Best High End Nikon Lenses, you can still borrow them for a few days for those special occasions when you need the perfect lens. More...

15 Online Photo Editors

Feb 26, 2009

Cnet has an article comparing 15 online photo editors.  The best part is most of them are free. More...

Hawk Eyes

Feb 23, 2009

There are several hawks that hunt near the house.   In the spring we often see the young hawks getting a few lessons from the parents.  This weekend this one landed on a tree right off the living room.  He looked intently to and fro for some time, turning his head at every subtle noise in search of a later afternoon meal.  When a flock of crows flew over, they quickly spotted him and called out to one another warning of the predator. More...

Best Nikon Remotes

Jan 07, 2009

Which remote works with which Nikon? Most new Nikon cameras don't come with a remote control.  Some camera bodies will work with multiple remotes (wired and wireless), but unlike the legendary Nikon interchangeable lenses, the remotes don't switch between camera bodies so easily.  Here's a quick guide on which remotes work with which cameras and what's the best Nikon remote for your camera. More...

Images Part 3 - Windows Live Writer

Sep 09, 2008


Windows Live Writer provides a handful of helpful image enhancement features.  It's not Photoshop by any means, but it's quick.

Drop Shadow

Sleigh More...