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Windows Live Writer XMLRPC and BlogEngine.Net

Feb 26, 2010

BlogEngine.Net supports XMLRPC and the MetaWeblog API.  This allows it to support other tools like Windows Live Writer.  But where are the specifications for the API and WLW found?  I came across some interesting related links along the way in trying to figure out how to add proper slug support for pages in BlogEngine.Net.More...

Pretty URLs And IIS7 Authentication

May 11, 2009

One side effect of using Pretty URLs in IIS7 is that IIS7 doesn’t authenticate these URLs because they don’t have the .aspx file extension.  Here is a quick tip on how to fix it. More...

Multi Post User Control

Mar 11, 2009

Trailing on the lead from Chris Blankenship and his singlepost user control, I created a multi-post user control.  I’ve never been quite satisfied with the results of the recent posts control and Chris’s control filled in enough gaps for me to pursue this further. More...

BlogEngine.Net Expanding Categories And Tags

Oct 06, 2008

BlogEngine.Net provides the ability to selectively disclose information in the blog postings based on the configuration settings.  I took Dave Burke's concept on the Flexible Post Excerpt Display and expanded it to include expansion of all categories and tags even if the ShowDescriptionInPost setting was set to true. More...

Sharing Bookmarks

Aug 20, 2008

There are numerous services popping up to help you keep track of your favorite browser bookmarks. From what I can tell from Alexa traffic, the top three are Digg, Technorati, and Delicious.  It seems like there are new services popping up every day and it can be hard to keep with with how to let users add your bookmarks to their bookmark service. AddThis.com looks like it's trying to help. More...

BlogEngine.Net Control Parameters

May 18, 2008

How does one add or pass parameter to a user control in BlogEngine.Net?  This may be obvious to others already, but I thought I'd share a quick note on what I found.  More...

Adding An Account For Windows Live Writer

Apr 16, 2008

How to create a new account in Windows Live Writer for a site using BlogEngine.Net or later.

Add a new weblog account.

WLW Add Weblog Account More...