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960 Grid Templates for Expression Design 2

Aug 06, 2009

Leveraging Nathan Smith's 960.gs, I’ve created some 960 grid templates for Expression Design 2.  Included in the zip file are design templates for the 12 column and 16 column formats.

960_Expression.zip (488.48 kb)


960 12 Column Template

960 16 Column Template

Machine Wash Effect

Sep 05, 2008

Mister Retro has a great set of Photoshop plug-in's that will save a significant amount of time and effort when manipulating files in Photoshop for creating those textured and stunning artistic effects. Prices start at $49.95.

Machine wash CD 3 - Abusive Filter:

Machine Wash Abusive More...

One Layout To Bind Them All

Apr 21, 2008

When it comes to designing layout for on-line content, what size is the right size?  How does one design for multiple screen sizes without spending duplicate effort on multiple designs. The answer depends on what size windows users are using to access the site.  For me, creating a variable fixed width design based on both 960 pixels (large) or 700 pixels (medium) helps minimize duplication of design effort. More...