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Secure Data

Jun 16, 2009

Data Storage by Ian S Given the high profile nature of identity theft and security breaches, there are many laws, policies, and guidelines that companies are using to classify and manage the information technology systems in a secure manner.  What exactly is secure data and how should it be handled?More...

Network Names For Systems

Apr 14, 2009

When you have five machines to keep track of, the naming format for those machines may not be important. When you have 500,000 in twelve countries, identifying and locating a machine or groups of machines becomes impossible if you haven’t planned ahead. Even if you have a simple home network, it doesn’t take long for iPods, routers, file servers, workstations, laptops to add up.

Here are some tips for naming physical device machine names so that they can easily be identified down the road. It may seem a bit obsessive compulsive at first, but there is logic behind the naming guidelines.