2010 Era Blog Platform Retired

Sep 01, 2022
by:   Tim Stanley

This site (tim-stanley.com) was first started in February 2006. It first went publicly live October 8, 2007. The engine used to power this site was used from 2006 to 2022. The main technology really hadn't been modified since 2010. Not bad for a sixteen year run.

In 2022, this site was updated, but this is a summary of the underlying technology that powered this site for sixteen years.

Original Site Platform

Original Blog Platform

The site utilized BlogEngine.Net with several Extensions. Some custom controls are used on a lot of the pages.

As I developed one site, I had another, then another, then another. Before long I was spending more time applying patches / changes to the main code base and distributing it to all the sites than I was on content. That lead me to try to focus on one code base for multiple websites and that eventually led to a multi-tenant solution.

The main portions of BlogEngine.Net provided a solid basis, but it was heavily modified to support a multi-tenant blog platform. That meant some pretty significant changes to the model and code base. What was left had it's origins in BlogEngine.Net but it was pretty significantly different than BlogEngine.Net.

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