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Fields to Properties

Jul 24, 2009

How to automatically have Visual Studio 2008 convert fields to properties. More...

Outlook 2007 Panning Cursor

Jul 10, 2009

The outlook 2007 panning cursor can get “accidentally” enabled.  When it does, It’s annoying at best and it interferes with copy / paste.  Phil Wiffen has an excellent summary on how to turn it off and restore Outlook to the original cursor behavior, which by the way will also allow selecting text for copy / paste.

Outlook 2007 How To Disable The Hand Cursor More...

Network Names For Systems

Apr 14, 2009

When you have five machines to keep track of, the naming format for those machines may not be important. When you have 500,000 in twelve countries, identifying and locating a machine or groups of machines becomes impossible if you haven’t planned ahead. Even if you have a simple home network, it doesn’t take long for iPods, routers, file servers, workstations, laptops to add up.

Here are some tips for naming physical device machine names so that they can easily be identified down the road. It may seem a bit obsessive compulsive at first, but there is logic behind the naming guidelines.


Font Tools

Sep 04, 2008

What The Font and Type Chart  provide some useful interesting font tools.

What The Font does an image analysis and comes up with a list of potential fonts that are used in the image. More...

Microsoft Product Support Lifecycle

Jul 30, 2008

Did you ever want a reason to upgrade? Before you start a new project on a mature stable Microsoft technology, you might want to check to see if it is still supported.  Microsoft typically provides support five years after the product general availability.

For example, did you know that Microsoft .Net 1.1 mainstream support ends in October 2008?

For more information on currently supported products, refer to the Microsoft Support Lifecycle Index. More...

ISP Speed Test

Jul 30, 2008

At the Raleigh office, we recently upgraded our Time Warner Road Runner business class plan to 5 Mbps down, 1.5 Mbps up.  If you have to verify a speed test, the best site I've seen is at provides a very interesting looking graphic interface along with some very interesting comparison statistics.

ISP Speed Test Result More...

Adding An Account For Windows Live Writer

Apr 16, 2008

How to create a new account in Windows Live Writer for a site using BlogEngine.Net or later.

Add a new weblog account.

WLW Add Weblog Account More...